Single Seminars & Single Life Consulting


43% of Australians are single and there is a major increase in people becoming single in the 45-65 age ranges.

Want to improve your single life?

PEOPLE OFTEN THINK THEY KNOW ALL THEY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BEING SINGLE and finding people to date or form a relationship. But year after year, they are still single! 

Gain 'single' insight and learn new skills to enhance your opportunities with the opposite sex either through attending our seminars or book a  single life consultation.  Often one or two sessions will get you on track to enhance your single life and get you the results you want.

Lorraine Harper is a singles consultant with over 20,000 single client experience. She is the owner of Phoenix Lifestyle Australia's longest running social club for singles and was the founder of Dinner at Eight Australia's longest running dinner club for singles which she operated for 19 years prior to selling with over 18,000 clients during this period.

Lorraine has personally interviewed over 13,000 singles and mentored thousands of men and women as a singles life consultant on a one to one basis to help people expand their awareness and opportunities with the opposite sex. Australia's very own singles guru with a wealth of experience to share.  She is currently working on a new website for singles  with video topics and  interviews.

 If you want to go forward in your single life call Lorraine to find out about single seminars or personal consulting on 0428148888