Phoenix Lifestyle Club Events

We have up to 15 activities per month .

You must be a 'Subscribing Phoenix Lifestyle Member' to attend our events. But we do allow a member to bring a guest who may consider joining Phoenix at our live music events. But they must be booked in with our office.

Every Phoenix Lifestyle event is comprised of an events name, it's time and date,  a description, the venue, the event host(s).

The first and most important is:

Event Attendance Method

Most Phoenix Lifestyle events require bookings.

  • Book-In - These events require registering on the online calendar system. Or for non computer members calling the office and leaving your full name, date and name of event. We then book you into the online registration, so that the host can see all members attending.
  • Drop-In - These event are as the name suggests  our walking groups. They require no booking or notification, just drop-in. The Host will record your name on a registration form as you arrive to ensure members only attending for security purposes.

Searching for an Event

To make events easier to find we have 5 main ways to search for events.

  1. The simpist way to find upcoming events is by 'Date'. This allows you to view events in date order or on a particular date.
    • Events by Date

      • Events Calendar - This will display a very simply calendar view with all the days of the month and the events on those days. You can hover your mouse over the event name to view the event's categories and more information. To view a list of the events of a particual day simply click on that date.
        There is also a very nice 'Category' viewing filter below the calendar. To use the filter search on the dispalyed calendar month view simply turn on or off the categories you would or wouldn't like to see and they are automatically removed from view. A great way to simplify your searching.
      • Events List - This is a complete list of all events in date order.
      • Today's Events - This shows only todays events.
  2. Just as easy is to search for events by 'Age Groups'. This allows you to view events by a specific age group.
    • Events by Age Groups

      •  | Delta (40 - 50) | Epsilon (50 - 60) | Zeta (60+)
  3. Then there is the 'Event Type'.
    • Events by Type

      • Regular Events - These events are of an ongoing and consistent basis at the same venue. 'Regular events' are either held weekly, monthly or quarterly.

      • Regular Alternate Location Events - These events are of an ongoing and consistent basis at the alternating venues. 'Regular Alternate Location Events' are either held weekly, monthly or quarterly.
      • Major Events - These events are ones that are usually held once a year and are usually run by Phoenix Lifestyle Social Club.
        E.g.  Xmas Part, New Years Eve, Valentines Day,
      • Irregular Events - These events are quite various and can be once off events or events that are frequent but not consistently at the same time or location.
  4. Followed by characteristics of the event or 'Events Categories'. E.g. Dance, Eat & Meet and Out & About.
  5. Finally the 'Venues Categories'. E.g. Restaurants, Cafe's, Movie Cinemas, and Public Meeting Places.
Some of the regular events occurring right across Melbourne include dinner dances and parties, restaurant and bistro dine-outs and *drop-ins, personal growth discussion groups, wine tastings, dance classes, gourmet dining, together with theatre and cinema. There are also outdoor activities such as bush walking, country day trips, and weekend Getaways.


Regardless of whether you have been single for a while, just come out of a relationship, or have recently moved to Melbourne, we are here to help you revitalize your social life! Phoenix Lifestyle has a comprehensive calendar of events that will offer you the inspiration and opportunity to pursue both your favourite activities, and others you may have wanted to try.