Who We Are

Phoenix has some very enthusiastic members who go out to events every week!

We also have members who have busy lives and use Phoenix as a social gap-filler. When you have the time or inclination, somewhere in Melbourne there is likely to be a Phoenix event for you to attend.

And what a range of activities we have! . We have dance classes, walking groups, dinners, live bands, movie nights,galleries & exhibitions, even personal development workshops. And of course Phoenix Travel for weekends away.

Fridays and Saturdays there areĀ  dancing with live bands or DJ's (so much better when you are with your Phoenix friends), and restaurant meals and movie nights.

The reality is that over time, we just about do it all. And of course if there is something that you would like to do that is currently not on our calendar, why not suggest it or even co host it? You may have a favourite venue, restaurant or activity that you would like to enjoy with other Members. All you need to do is pick a date a minimum of one month ahead, the time and venue and discuss with the Phoenix Office and we will include it in our calendar of events.