1. Is Phoenix Lifestyle a "singles" club?

We prefer to call it a "social and lifestyle" club for single people.

Our emphasis is providing opportunities to help single people expand both their range of social activities and their network of friends. Relax, enjoy life, explore new horizons and you never know, whilst you are out there experiencing different activities and meeting new people, you may just meet someone special when you least expect it!

2. If I want to meet a special woman/ man, can Phoenix help me?

Phoenix gives you the opportunity to meet a great number of interesting people of the same and opposite sex and to expand your network of friends and range of social opportunities. Whilst Phoenix is not a matchmaking or dating service, you might indeed meet someone special, as a great many of our Members have done over the years. And because you are all members it gives you the chance to meet the person again at one of our functions, unlike meeting someone at a public vernue you may never see again.Catching up again with members builds rapport, which often leads to friendships and/or relationships.

3. How many Members do you have?

There are 400 Members in Phoenix Lifestyle and most of our members are in the 50 to 65 age ranges.

4. What type of people am I likely to meet in Phoenix?

A whole range of single people just like you, wanting to expand their social network.

Phoenix attracts Members from a wide cross-section of the singles community. Your sex, ethnicity, education or occupation is irrelevant to your joining. So whether you are a plumber or engineer, a secretary, social worker, teacher or run your own business you will meet a wide range of people and personalities.

As we are a social club, the enjoyment, safety and security of our Members is paramount and therefore we maintain the right of refusal for someone to join our club. Unlike dating sites and many single clubs, all potential members come to an information session and if they decide to join ID is recorded on the Membership application for the security and wellbeing of our members.

5. Who organises the activities each month?

All of our activities are hosted  so you wil be greeted and introduced to other members. If as a Member, you have a favourite venue or activity you would like to put in the Phoenix calendar, you could offer to host it (either on your own or with a co-host), submit it for the monthly events calendar and then be there to welcome Members arriving.

The other events are run by the Phoenix office. These would include special events, theatre, Getaway travel and dinner dances, personal development seminars.

6. Do you have weekends and trips away?

Yes, we organise day trips and weekend Getaways and have recently added interstate and overseas travel. We have a special interest travel group who meet regularly  to plan future get aways. Weekends to the Grampians, Wilsons Prom and Apollo Bay are very popular with our members.

7. Do you have equal numbers (men and women) at Phoenix events?

Every event is different. Depending on the type of event there are times when we will ensure that there are equal numbers, such as a dinner dance.

For smaller less structured activities, the male-to-female mix vary from event to event. As it is up to the members on a day to day or weekly basis, to book themselves into the activity. The focus is on getting out and socialising with other singles.

8. Where is Phoenix Lifestyle located? Where are your events held?

Our office is located in Surrey Hills and this is our administration office. Information Sessions are conducted at Box Hill, Toorak and SouthMelbourne Almost all events are held in public venues in suburbs all around Melbourne.Including South Melbourne, Toorak, Fitzroy, Fairfield, Kew, Doncaster, Blackburn,Burtwood East, Mitcham, Malvern; Carnegie, Hughesdale, East Brighton; Mentone. We have a strong membership in the South and Eastern suburbs but we have members from all over Melbourne.

9. How do I become a Member of Phoenix Lifestyle?

We hold Information Sessions Tues 4.30 5.30, 6.30pm and 1st Sat of the month 3.30 4.30 5.30pm. You can join at the end of the session, or you can have a think about it and join up over the phone at a later date. As we record ID on your application form and you can return it to the office when you decide to join. For more information, please call Lorraine Harper at Phoenix Lifestyle on 0406077495 Or email a day or evening time you would like to attend an information session: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it